Amber Road (Baxter Brewing Company)

Style: American Amber /Red Ale

5.5% ABV

35 IBU’s


I like the red, almost coca-cola-like color of this can, and the map of Russia on it is interesting and stylistically appeasing.  The fonts are all great, though the flowing script that describes the beer clashes slightly with the “Amber Road” font.  The can is a little cluttered with text, but overall fairly balanced, and I like the moose logo for the company.  The red/orange tab for the can top is also a cool little splash of color that I enjoyed.  Another nice can from Baxter Brewing Company, but I’m not sure its worthy of the shelf.  I would say scrapbook this one, but it’s a can… I’ll leave the choice up to you.


The beer pours a murky orange brown from the can, with a nice lightly white-sand head on top that leaves quickly, leaving a sticky bit of lacing behind.  The beer looks very well carbonated judging by the bubbles in the glass, and is murkier than swamp water, with just a slight glimpse of the other side of the glass when you gaze through it.  Of course, this beer is meant for the can so a majority of the sampling will be from there, but a sample from the glass is also in order.  In the glass it smells like sweet caramel and toffee malts with a slight roasted flavor.  There is a lot of biscuit in the smell as well which makes the beer smell like a sweet bread.  There is also a slight citrus like lemon or unripe orange coming from the hops, but they are backseat to the malts.  From the can the smell is pretty much the same, with a little of a metallic taste unsurprisingly added in.  From the glass the beer tastes sweet with a tremendous balance between the caramel and biscuit malts and citrus bitter orange of the hops.  The hops bitter does a good job of lasting throughout the taste and into the aftertaste where it overpowers everything and becomes slightly cloying.  From the can the taste is very similar, but strangely mellows the citrus aftertaste considerably making it far more pleasant on the palate.  Flavors are quite mellow, making this a nice beer to sit back and sip wherever you might be.  There is an owe so slight aspirin flavor that builds from the bitterness over time, but it is not overpowering in the beer.  Mouthfeel is cool and crisp with just a slight bite of carbonation on the tongue, and a slight chewiness to the feel.  The mouth is left with a sheen of spittle and bitter ichor on the tongue.  Overall this is a nice pretty much sesssionable red that sits nicely in a can and is easy to knock back.  It’s definitely more malt centric, but does a good job of balancing that with the hops.  This beer will not knock your socks off, but is a solid go to for any craftbeer lover looking for something with taste to stock up on and knock back.  Another solid beer from the Baxter Brewing Company.



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