Lunch (Maine Beer Company)

Style: American IPA

7.0% ABV

Color – Orange

O.G. – 1.061

Malt – American 2-Row, CaraPils, Caramel 40L, Munich 10L, Red Wheat

Hops – Warrior, Amarillo, Centennial, Simcoe


This beer’s label is another example of minimalism from the Maine Beer Company.  The whale’s back is a little interpretive as the graphic on this bottle, and I honestly didn’t recognize it was that until I read the back of the bottle.  I don’t like this bottle as much as I like Zoe or Mean Old Tom, but I do still love the minimalism and the layout of the text, and this is still a great bottle.  This bottle is still worthy of a shelf and will make a lovely addition to my Maine Beer Company bottle collection.


The beer pours a gorgeous golden brown and murky, with a huge fat cream head with big patches of sticky lacing on the sides.  The color is really gorgeous and I am loving the two finger width head that lasted for quite some time.  The smell is beyond heaven with its fruity punch.  Mango, papaya, and a wonderful pop of pine are the dominant smells here, but the malts are also there with a very slight biscuit.  There’s even a slight bite of alcohol in the back of the smell, along with a classic bitter bite.

On the taste there is a lighter bite of fruit.  Mango and papaya are still dominant, but there is also the classic tinge of grapefruit in the taste.  Malt is light and biscuity, but definitely a side show to the delicious hops of this beer.  Mouthfeel is also to die for with velvety smoothness.  Carbonation is effervescent in the start, but mellows out instantly into a sweet caress on the tongue.  The mouth is left with some nice saliva along the sides of mouth and great dry bitter streak on the top and bottom of the mouth.  The afterfeel is a little too dry for my taste, but still pleasant.  Overall this is an awesome IPA with terrific fruitiness and a dry streak.  This is a must drink, and is up there with the best IPA’s of the East Coast.  This one doesn’t top Heady Topper, obviously, but it is quite tasty and a tremendous example of the style.  Drink this beer.



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