Collaboration No. 3 (Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project and Boulevard Brewing Company)

Style: Stingo English Style Sour Ale

8.5% ABV

35 IBU’s

Color (EBC): 76


The bottle has old classy vibe emanating from it, which I love.  It reeks of the classic Kansas City style found on auction posters and handles of whiskey, and which Boulevard has wonderfully and appropriately adopted as their style.  I always love a good corked beer and the labeling on the neck is classy.

The signatures on label to show the two collaborators on this beer actually work with this bottle.  The large number 3 with the stylized “things” coming out of the circle are wonderful.  Overall this bottle is a lovely piece of art and is very worthy of your shelf.


The beer pours a dark brown leather like flavor with a half finger light tan head on top that leaves a sticky ring of lacing on the side and is reminiscent of the color of whip cream mixed with maple syrup.  The beer is murky and very dark brown, allowing no light to get through.

The beer smells wonderfully of roasted caramel and brown sugar with a nice alcoholic bite/burn in the back of the smell with a fresh crisp feeling in it that reminds one of carrots.  This reminds me a lot of a Belgian quad in smell with the dark fruit replaced by caramel sugars and molasses and superb roasted malts.

The beer tastes just as wonderfully complex as the smell.  Roasted and caramel malts mingle wonderfully with brown sugar and a slight sour flavor that emanates in the aftertaste.  The yeast esters are also pretty present with the sours and work with the sweet caramels terrifically, even in the aftertaste.  The esters are reminiscent of pears and peaches and help to add yet another complex layer to this beer’s flavor.  Mouthfeel is effervescent and prickly but caramely and smooth, leaving the mouth quite clean with just a slight pucker from the sour, and a little glassing of saliva on the sides of the tongue.  The top of the tongue is actually a little dry in feeling and is begging for more.  Overall this is a tremendous beer with a lot of complex flavors and smells.  It’s got the caramely roasted beauty of a porter and the fancy esters of a Belgian.  If you find this beer, buy it and drink it.  Drink all of it. Thank me later.



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