where did you find the Oude Tart? no idea where specifically you’re from, but we’re both from the east coast so i figured i’d take a hopeful shot in the dark. finding sour beers on this coast is ridiculously hard.

I found it in Beverly Massachusetts at a place called Alexander’s. It was 23 bucks though… Definitely worth trying, but for the price I probably would only ever buy it again for a very special occasion.  The guy at Alexanders said a couple other of the big craft beer sellers in Mass had just gotten a hold of Oude Tart, so the Bruery may also be selling it in other states.  Hope that helps.  On a side note, if you see the Autumn Maple by the Bruery don’t try it. I tried it at a pumpkin beer tasting, and a) it is not a pumpkin beer (its actually a yam beer which is kind of cool, but…) b)the alcohol cut through everything else in the flavor.  It was upsetting.


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