Dreamweaver (Tröegs Brewing Company)

Style: Hefeweizen

4.8% ABV

15 IBU’s

Color (SRM): Golden, Cloudy

Malts: Pilsner, Vienna

Wheat: 55% Wheat

Hops: German Northern Brewer

Yeast: German Wheat

Bottled On 4/11/12

This bottle is neat.  I like the bottles that Tröegs make.  The tree and wheat field design is wonderfully cartoonish while still holding an artsy edge.  The bottle is a little crowded on the edges with text which does detract from the bottle, but the “Dreamweaver” font is quite awesome and visually appealing.  Overall this is bottle label is a pretty one that is worthy of the shelf.


The beer pours a lovely golden straw color with a slight oranging that suggests dehydrated piss.  The head was rocky and white but disappeared almost immediately in the torrent of rapid fire carbonation bubbles that peppered the surfaced.  The carbonation did, however, eventually die out to a more reasonable level.  My real complaint for the beer’s appearance, however, comes from the lack of head on this beer.  I want more!  The beer is almost properly hazy for the style, though I do tend to like my hefe’s a little murkier.  The beer does smell properly banana-like with lovely undertones of orange citrus and heavy biscuity waftings dancing on the nose.  The beer is a little thin, which is the first thing that comes to mind when it touched my tongue.  The banana esters are definitely in the forefront playing with the biscuit malts, though a strange metallic taste does dance on the taste buds playing with some nice clove spice notes.  Mouthfeel, as I said, is a bit thin and watery, though crisp and refreshing.  I could knock back a few of these easily, which is lovely.  Carbonation is only slightly effervescent, but really it’s very mellow and smooth on the tongue.  Overall this is an above average hefeweizen.  It’s nothing too special, but is definitely sessionable, and definitely tasty and worth a sip.  Another great offering from the Tröegs Brothers!



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