Newcastle Brown Ale (The Caledonian Brewery Company Limited)

Style: English Brown Ale

Serving Style: Minikeg

4.7% ABV


This is my first review of a minikeg, but I think it should hold up to be just about the same as a bottle. The Newcastle Brown label is a classic English label that has a certain classiness to it.  It is definitely mass produced, but the text isn’t too much, the font is simple and nice, and if you really want to keep a minikeg around then I’d said the Newcastle keg is worth a consideration.


The beer pours from the keg a candy caramel brown, much like maple syrup.  The head is big and smooth with a couple of craters and sticky Styrofoam-like lacing, though it mellows out into islands of foam.  The beer smells cloying with sweet malts that have a tinge of sour in them and slightly skunked smell.  The beer’s taste is much like the smell only less cloying. Caramel malts and biscuity malt are present in the taste, and there is a slight roasted flavor also present.  Bitters are slight an nearly not present except in the aftertaste where there is a slight medicinal play in among the sweet malts.  Mouthfeel is slightly harsh with carbonation in the initial sip, but mellows into a thick and slightly chewy feel that is quite pleasant though has a slightly watery feel and it does leave a slight sticky feel in the mouth.  Overall this beer is a nice English brown, the mouthfeel is a little weak, but overall it’s worth a taste.



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