Hex (Magic Hat Brewing Company)

Style: American Amber/ Red Ale

5.4% ABV

25 IBU’s

Yeast: German Ale

Hops: Apollo, Hallertaur

Malts: Pale, Vienna, Crystal, Cherry Wood Smoked Malt, Malted Rye

Gravity: 14.00 Plato

SRM: 18.0

Cap Quote: “A mind is a terrible thing to baste”


I’m not sure what to say of this bottle’s label.  I love the text for “Hex” with the cloud/smoke hints, it really gives the beer an awesome spooky feel.  I also like the “Ourtoberfest” text too, even though that statement is a bit misleading, my problem comes with the group of men drinking and the witch waitress.  I feel like these are drawn poorly and just clash with the otherwise cool and creepy feel of this label.  The coloring is excellent, the font choices are great, but it’s just the label’s scene that bugs me.  This bottle is worthy of scrapbooking but falls short of the shelf.

The beer pours an amber caramel with a big butter-cream head on it with rocky bubbles.  The beer is supper clear and translucent with mild carbonation bubbles running up the glass.  Lacing is sticky, sheet-like, and wispy, and the head does mellow into a finger’s width quite swiftly but is still nice to look at.  The beer smells very sweet and biscuity but also surprisingly like candied sugars, and there even seems to be a weird funk though I believe that comes about through the mixing of the different smells.  The beer tastes rich and malty with some wonderful toasted and caramel notes and some nice sweet sugar.  There is a slight bittering and citrus tinge in the after taste to suggest a hop presence but overall this beer is dominated by the malts which are toasted and biscuit.  Mouthfeel is slightly watery but nicely gelling and creamy on the tongue.  The tongue is left a little cloying with sweets and a little dry, but there is some nice saliva dancing in the mouth.  Overall this is a pretty nice fall red with some nice warm flavors.  It’s a little too sweet for me personally, but it tastes nice and is easily drinkable.


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