#9 (Magic Hat Brewing Company)

Style: Fruit Beer/Pale Ale w/apricot extract

5.1% ABV

20 IBU’s

Yeast: English Ale

Hops: Cascade, Apollo

Malts: Pale, Crystal

Gravity: 11.80 Plato

SRM: 9.0

(Rated #1 Fruit/Vegetable Ale in New England by Boston Magazine)


This bottle and beer are the classic examples of Magic Hat Brewing Company, and so I begin my “Variety Pack Review Fest” with #9.  I love the squiggles around the 9, and I love Magic Hat caps solely for their sayings underneath.  Honestly though, the color scheme of this beer is not all that exciting.  The red and yellow and orange are all nice, but overall it comes off a little bland.  The 9 graphic is great though, and I do like how Magic Hat sequesters all the boring stuff to the backs of their bottles.  Overall this label is a classic that might be nice to scrapbook, but is not worthy of the shelf.


The beer pours out like piss.  Yellow and murky, almost orange, the beer is practically the epitome of a dehydrated piss colored beer.  A thin scrim/head of soapy white bubbles pours and stays as a ring on the glass, but is not too impressive in any way.  Carbonation bubbles are quite constant in the glass, and lacing is thin, stringy, and slippery.  The beer smells fruity with yeasts and a nice biscuity malt body.  There is actually some sour funk in the smell which must be coming from the apricot extract.  The sweet side of the fruit smell is at the back of the whiff and is slightly candied.  The beer tastes biscuity with nice bread notes from the yeast and a slight fruity tingle throughout the taste.  Aftertaste is strong with sweet biscuit malts, and the mouth is left with a little flood of saliva on the back of the tongue.  In the mouth, the beer feels a little thin but smooth and clean, carbonation is a faint bit too high, but does not detract from the beer.  Overall this is an average beer.  I hate calling it a fruit beer because it really isn’t, and then again it isn’t really a pale ale either.  I guess Magic Hat had it right when they called it a “not quite pale ale,” but that hurts when trying to judge this beer by its style. This beer is a classic of the more mass produced microbreweries, and is very easily sessionable.  A nice go to cheap drink for those who want to try it. style. This beer is a classic of the more mass produced microbreweries, and is very easily sessionable.  A nice go to cheap drink for those who want it.



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