Pumking (Southern Tier Brewing Company)

Style: Imperial Pumpkin Ale

8.6% ABV

Brewing Notes: 19 Degrees Plato, 8.8 Degrees L,

2-row Pale Malt, Caramel Malt, Pureed Pumpkin,

Kettle Hops: Magnum, Aroma Hops: Sterling

The bottle is interesting.  The obvious black and orange color scheme with white lettering is nice, as are the bats that change from black to orange.  I also like the “pumking” graphic, as it is properly creepy.  The “imperial” symbol at the top of the label is cool, and I love the crown.  The font that describes the brew is properly “halloweenish” but the main beer title font is a little boring and I don’t like how the “P” is lower case.  The Southern Tier logo also looks a little out of place in gray on the side of the bottle, and also takes away from the Halloween-feel.  I love the writing on the side that explains the idea behind the Pumking name and the history of Púca, and as always I love a little mythology with my beers.  Overall this is an average bottle that could be a lot better with a couple tweaks.  Worthy of saving the label, but not the entire bottle.


The beer pours into a snifter glass like a liquid pumpkin, a beautiful murky orange with amber hints and a little white ring of small white bubbles that leave lazy lines of lacing on the glass.  There is a nice steady flow of bubbles and odd enough, there is one spot on my glass where a straight line of bubbles is consistently running up the side of the glass.  The beer smells like a pumpkin pie, pulpy with pumpkin meat and spicy with nutmeg, cinnamon, and clove.  Sweet and caramel malts could be hiding in the back of the smell but they seem pretty light overall.  The beer’s taste follows the nose; it’s a little cloying with the spices which leave a burn on the tongue but overall this beer is a liquid pumpkin pie.  Their is a nice biscuity feel in the back of the taste reminiscent of dinner rolls and butter, but this flavoring takes a back seat to the pumpkin and the spice.  Aftertaste is strong with spice burn and pumpkin meat, though there is a ghost of the biscuit still present.  The main meat taste is a little raw on the tongue and the spices are a little too potent but it comes together in a lovely sip.  Mouthfeel is a little fierce with rapid pinpricks of carbonation on the tongue, but this mellows out mostly into a thin syrupy treat.  Afterfeel is still tingling from the carbonation and a little burned from the spices.  Overall this is a great pumpkin beer; the spice is a little too much, which holds this beer back from being amazing, but by no means stops it from being a great drink.  For all you pumpkin beer lovers out there, try it!


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