Cerise (Founders Brewing Company)

Style: Fruit Beer

6.5% ABV

15 IBU’s

Brewing Notes: Michigan tart cherries added to five separate stages of the fermentation process

This is a pretty bottle.  The light pink, white, and red color scheme works beautifully with the beer, and the font hand-written and curly style is beautiful.  I love the drizzling paint/tree that is the faint background of the bottle.  The Founders symbol even works better with the light pink background of the bottle.  This bottle is worthy of shelf space.

The beer pours like fruit punch, a beautiful cherry red with a slight browning towards the middle.  The head is but a skim of white bubbles that leave sheets of lacing on the sides.  Carbonation seems well accounted for by the bubbles running to the top, but overall the beer is too dark and cherry-murky to look through.  The beer smells surprisingly more malty than anything else, there is a good bready-biscuity background to the beer and the sweet metallic tang of the cherries is definitely present, and some very subtle pear-like esters from the yeast.  The beer tastes sour and mellow with a nice puckering sweet dancing bellow all else in the beer.  The malt is present as a slight biscuity taste, and the pear esters are definitely present, but the cherries are the main event here and they play out nicely leaving a sour pang your mouth and little else.  The cherries tart does have a slightly metallic tinge to it, like sucking down iron which detracts slightly from the beers drinkablility, though overall the beer is very nice to sip or chug.  Mouthfeel is smooth and mellow with a slight thickness to the beer and a little carbonated prick, but overall very refreshing and mellow on the tongue.  There is some slight saliva running in the tongue and a light puckering sour pang, but other than that the mouth is very clean.  Overall this is a nice fruit beer.  It is above average, but not by that much.  I’ve had this on tap before and I felt like the malts and cherry played nicer there than they do when poured from a bottle.  A great, slightly sour, fruit ale that is a nice to drink on a warm summer day.  This won’t sweep you off your feet but its worthy of going back for a few more.



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