Ten Fidy (Oskar Blues Brewery)

Style: Russian Imperial Stout

10.5% ABV

Canned on 09/21/11


This can, like all Oskar Blues’ cans, would go great with a set of the other Oskar Blues cans.  The mountain background is lovely and the black and silver color scheme is a great choice for a dark Russian imperial stout.  As always, I love the random saying on the bottom of the can, and the fonts are excellent.  The crown on the “I” is a fantastic touch to denote the “Russian Imperial” or just plain old “Imperial” as the can claims.  I love the alliteration-thing at the top of the can: “Cross-eyed. Cyclopean. Cancupiscent.”  This is an all around nice can and worthy of shelf space.


The beer pours like a black-coffee ooze.  Thick and without bubbles till you get to the top of the glass and there is develops some serious tan head that reminds me of maple syrup and only appears as a skim and fades away quick.  I can’t see within the beer to report on haziness, etc… but I can tell you that there are little bubbles bouncing to the tops of the beer to refill the ring of lacing.  When the beer is given a swirl it leaves long hill-like patterns of alcoholic legs along the sides.  The beer smells fat with charred wood, charcoals, and a heady dark chocolate hiding behind everything.  The booze also peak through slightly with a spicy slight burn at the end of the whiff.  The smell in many ways reminds me of Paradox Isle of Arran by Brew Dog.  The beer tastes fat and oozing with roasted coffee and sweet charred wood.  The aftertaste resonates with dark chocolate, some slight charred wood and an oh-so-slight burn to remind you of this beer’s ABV.  From the can the beer tastes mildly sweeter with a mellowing of the charred wood and more of a sweet boozy taste.  This beer seems to taste better in the glass overall than in the can for me.  The mouthfeel of this beer is heavenly.  As I said before it is fat and oozing on the tongue.  It is beyond-velvet smooth as it oozes through your mouth and it runs down the throat like molasses.  This beer leaves the mouth high and dry and begging for more with only faint wisps saliva on the tongue trying vainly to put out the smoky chocolate fire in your mouth.  Overall this beer lives up to its reputation, it was a delectable sipper that holds up to the Founder’s Breakfast Stout that I had last week.  This beer in many ways reminds me of Paradox Isle of Arran beer without the bourbon flavor linger.  This is a fantastic Russian imperial stout and is well worth a drink.


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