2X Stout (Southern Tier Brewing Company)

Style: Milk Stout

7.5% ABV

Brewed With: 2 Varieties of Hops and 3 Types of Malts

I have mixed feelings on the bottle.  I love the cows on the bottom that fan out, and I love the random upside down cows and the smaller rays of cows in between.  I like the brown and tan color scheme to depict the milk stout though it does imply chocolate a little more than it should.  I also like the rough font choice for the beer name and the clean and rounded font choice for the company name.  The bottom right of the label, however, is kind of crowded with text and that takes away from the bottle.  This is a mediocre bottle worthy of peeling the label off but not worthy of keeping the entire bottle.

The beer pours a dark black-velvet with a thin white-tan head that fades quickly leaving only a ring of thin fanged lacing on the sides.  The beer is very dark and opaque but a couple of bubbles can be seen clinging to the sides of the glass and there are plenty of bubbles peppering the surface to showcase a solid amount of carbonation.  The beer smells sweet and roasty with the sour lactose sugars enveloping everything in their odd candied embrace.  Malts are rich and creamy with chocolate and roasted flavoring.  The beer tastes rich with burnt coffee and slight chocolate tinge. There is a faint sour from the lactose sugars that plays nicely with the coffee flavor and an alcoholic pucker that resonates in the aftertaste as the coffee and roasted flavors die down.  Mouthfeel is smooth and a little thin for the style.  It leaves the mouth with a ghost of saliva and a very slight roasted dryness to the tongue.  Overall this is a solid milk stout with nice coffee taste that does not show up in the nose.  This beer is worthy of a taste.


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