Weizenheimer (Zero Gravity Craft Brewery @ American Flatbread)

Style: Weizenheimer Hefeweizen

5.1% ABV


This beer was poured from tap into a growler at American Flatbread in Burlington, VT, and brought to be by my brother.  Many thanks for the growler!  The growler represents the entire brewery but I really love the hummingbird design.  The two color representation works terrifically and the dark out of the humming bird is beautiful.  The font is a little boring, but the hummingbird is the focus of this jug and the font does its job by getting out of the humming birds way.  This growler is worthy of shelf space.


The beer pours a dried straw color, beautifully light yellow and extremely hazy like dehydrated piss or a murky pond.  The head is a happy soap bubble white that fizzes at you and mellows away to leave a half finger ring and some extremely slippery lacing on the sides.  Agitation refurbishes the head nicely and brings forth the smell.  This beer smells spicy with bananas and clove.  Spicy banana bread comes to mind first working with the wheat malt spice beautifully through the nose.  This smell is wet but very clean and pleasing to the nose.  The beer’s taste follows suit with some fantastic yeasty character that dances from banana to bread and back again on the tongue.  The clove is very subdued in the taste, but the wheat spice is fantastic and refreshing on the tongue.  The ghost of citrus lemons and oranges can be found in the middle of the taste, but is quickly washed away to leave a light banana and bread yeast linger.  Mouthfeel is very clean with oh-so-light pinpricks of carbonation, everything washes beautifully away to leave a slight sticky saliva coating the mouth and demanding more of this delicious beer.  On top of all of that, this beer goes down the gullet wonderfully, and has a tremendous drinkability.  Overall this beer is a real delight, and I am very pleased to have tried it.  I will certainly be adding Zero Gravity to my list of places to try in Burlington.  The beer is a fantastic representation of a hefeweizen and a terrific summer sipper.  Definitely try this beer.


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