2012 Hoptimum (Sierra Nevada Brewing Company)

Style: Whole-Cone Imperial India Pale Ale

100 IBU’s

10.4% ABV


This is a beautiful bottle.  I love the dapper gentleman with the white bow tie, high neck collar, and hope cone head.  The hop vines on the side add an awesome regally-natural feel, and the text is excellent and old timey/futuristic if that makes sense.  The bottle puts all the warnings, etcetera on the back, and thus makes the front label a beautiful display of minimal text and an awesome color hop scheme of yellow and green with light blue.  This bottle is worthy of a high place on the shelf for sure.


The beer pours a dark mellow ambered gold with an eggshell thick cream head that dissolves away.  There is little to no haze in this beer, and it sits in the glass regally though I see no carbonation bubbles either.  There is a slippery lacing that appears on the sides of the glass when you give it a swirl, but that slides away immediately.  The smell is wet with hops, but surprisingly weak for a DIPA.  I was looking for more smell here, and perhaps my bottle is old but it’s just much mellower than I was hoping.  There are good undercurrents of bready malt and caramel and there are good fumes of citrus mango and pine floating here, but overall just underwhelming.  The beer tastes fat with piney hops that kiss the tongue sweetly and travel nicely down the throat.  There is some nice light bread in the undertaste and aftertaste, and some really great resiny pine just coats the mouth in a wonderfully filthy ichor.  The pine is definitely front and center in the taste, but there is some light fruitiness floating nicely below it.  There are also different types of pine flavors in the beer, which is neat, some more bitter and some succulently sweet.  The mouthfeel is that of a thick cloying bitter thing that sits on the tongue and is quite lovely for the style.  The beer is clean, smooth, and faintly bubbly and harsh on the tongue but overall fairly mellow and slightly chewy.  Overall this is a nice double IPA.  It is by no means the best, and is definitely hop heavy, which I like but some might not.  This is a tasty drink that hides its 10% well and goes down nicely.  It’s not for the young tongue, however, as the hops definitely have a kick, but I like it.



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