Troegenator (Tröegs Brewing Company)

Style: Doppelbock

8.2% ABV

Bottled On: 05/16/2012


This bottle is awesome.  I love the horned-Gandalf residing on the center of the bottle, and I love the trippy graphic-novel-feel of the design.  The font choice for the beer’s name is great with a medieval and almost Celtic feel, and though the font choice for the beer’s basics is a little boring, they are very small and out of the way, and thus do not interfere with the overall feel of the bottle.  This bottle is definitely worth a place on you shelf.

The beer pours a gorgeous rubied brown with a lightly tanned head of medium sized bubbles which fades away quickly and leaves a thin drizzle of lacing.  When you swirl this beer, it leaves nice light legs of alcohol on the sides of my mug. This is a pretty looking beer.  The beer smells wet with caramel, bready malts, dark fruits, and brown sugar.  There is even a slight tint of chocolate in the nose, and all around it reminds me of a Belgian quad with its malty complexity.  There is a nice tinge of alcohol in the back of the smell as well to remind you of the beer’s ABV.  The beer tastes much lighter than you would expect from the smell.  There is some good brown sugar maltiness going on in this taste, which blossoms at the end of the swallow, but really is quite tame and clean in the initial sip.  Dark fruits like plum and raisin are also present, and there is a lingering hint of dark chocolate in the mouth.  The mouthfeel is incredibly drinkable and smooth on the tongue, leaving a nice skim of saliva and tingle of the carbonation on the tongue while leaving the entire mouth with a damp feeling.  Overall, this is a very drinkable 8% beer, with some lovely sweet malts but not too much.  I’ve never had doppelbock before, so I’m not quite sure how to rate this on its style, but I definitely enjoy it.  This is a nice offering from Tröeg.


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