Notch Session Pils (Notch Brewing Company)

Style: Czech Pilsner

4.00% ABV

Bottled On: 07/03/2012

(Rated #1 Pilsner/Light Lager in New England by Boston Magazine)

This bottle looks like a newspaper page.  It is a lovely testament to text-based graphic design, and I really do like the font choices and how well they mesh together to give the bottle a designed and sophisticated feel.  The “Notch” font in particular is just incredible. I love the notch out of the “N” and the whole worn feel of the letters is great.  In contrast with many bottles that I have reviewed, I think the heavy amount of text works with this bottle, as they all mesh wonderfully and neither bore nor confuse the eye.  This bottle is worthy of your shelf

The beer pours like crisp watery gold, and sits in the mug like light grapefruit juice and piss with a slight ambering.  This beer is only slightly hazy and opaque due to it being unfiltered, and has a great torrent of bubbles rushing to the surface to replenish the head which is a pure white, eggshell made of nice little smooth bubbles that settle at about a fingers width and seem like their staying for a drink.  The beer smells wet and spicy with a juicy linger of the almost-apple that I’ve come to associate with pilsners.  The hops are nicely spicy though, with hints of fluffy, buttered biscuit pulling through in the back and edges of the glass.  The beer tastes much like any other pilsner.  There is the slightly-stale-bread taste of the malts that runs strongly through the sip and lingers in the mouth for awhile, and there are nice slight spices from the hops and fruity juicy feel reminiscent of apples as the beer initially crosses the tip of the tongue.  Mouthfeel is quite tart with a little too much carbonation assaulting the tongue and leaving it tingling with a slight sheen of saliva and dry bread feel in the rest of the mouth.  The beer is very crisp and watery, making it very drinkable, and it does not sit heavy in the stomach, but I suspect that the pilsner style is just not my favorite, as I am just not impressed with this beer.  Overall I call this beer a meh.


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