Old Thumper (Shipyard Brewing Company)

Style: Extra Special Bitter

5.6% ABV


I love the boar theme of this bottle.  The boar head on the main label and the cap, and the running boar on the neck are all great touches that give the beer a hunting-feel.  The fonts are a little cluttered but are all great font choices, and the color scheme of the beer with red blue, gold, and white is a phenomenal choice.  This bottle is worthy of a place on your shelf.


The beer pours a pretty caramel brown with some nice buttery notes and a lovely little golden-white head that sits at a half a finger width.  The beer is quite hazy like a dark apple juice and there are quite a few bubbles racing to the top with carbonation.  The beer smells rather skunky with nice hints of caramel and burnt malts and burnt sugars.  As the beer settles the skunkiness mellows out and brings forward the malts nicely.  The beer tastes heavy with the roasted malts and nice caramel hints in the taste.  There is a slight bitter tinge in the back of the taste and aftertaste reminiscent of light citrus, but it is very faint.  The mouthfeel is smooth and caramelly on the tongue with a little rush of carbonation that quickly smoothes out into a more velvety feel.  Overall this is nice roasted example of an ESB, the bitters are not very present here even for the styles slight bitters, but the malts are excellent on the tongue.



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