Samuel Adams Blackberry Witbier (The Boston Beer Company)

Style: Witbier

5.3%  ABV


This is a classic Samuel Adams glass that is just oozing mass marketing and easy print.  The text completely befuddles the entirety of the glass and the plain fonts outside the “Samuel Adams” name give the beer a boring feel.  This bottle is not worthy of shelf space.


The beer pours a hazy piss yellow with an ever so slight hint of blue that makes the beer seem like a grayed yellow, almost like a corn syrup.  The head poured thin and cream white, but dissipates very quickly leaving a thin wall of lacing.  The smell is a nice bouquet of light blackberry and light wheat with an interesting spice lying below.  The wheat-stink is definitely the dominant smell though.  The beer tastes thick with a lovely mix of the wheat malty-sweet and the more sour-sweet of the blackberries.  Slight citrus seems to be hiding in the back of the flavor, and nicely rounds the beer giving it a ghost of a bitter hint.  The aftertaste is a lovely light lingering of the berries in your mouth. Mouthfeel is a little strange with very fierce carbonation that leaves a burn on the tongue but other than that the mouth is very clean and slightly dry with a wetter feel on its roof.  The beer is slightly creamy in feel with a good lighter beer feel hidden underneath the harsh carbonation.  Overall this is a very decent more mass produced beer.  It is actually one of my favorite berry-based beers, I think, as they got the berry taste wonderfully mixed with the witbier style and I don’t really care if they used real berries or berry syrup.  This beer is worthy of a try.



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