Woooo… 20 Followers!

So I have finally reached 20 Followers… Woooo… This beer blog is out of control, its like the entire internet is following me(!) The parenthesis denote sarcasm, by the way, I am aware that this is not a large number, but milestones are milestones, and in honor of this milestone I am brewing up a mango double IPA on my little homebrew set and it shall be called “The 20 Followers Indica” (which is a part of the scientific name of some mangoes…)


I have no idea how this beer will come out, it is basically a clone of Dogfish Head’s 60 Minute IPA, only with Falconer’s Flight and Zythos hops substituted in for Simicoe and  Amarillo’s.  

I’ve also added about a pound of orange blossom honey to the boil, and another half of a pound was boiled in water and then added after the boil… In some circles I believe that qualifies the beer as a braggot (beer and mead mix) but don’t quote me on that since I could easily be wrong.


The beer’s fermentation has gotten off to a voracious start as can be seen by the picture above and below, with large amounts of the beer oozing out of the aerator (which is not good) and a fuck ton of bubbles dancing in its small plastic cage.  I’ll let you guys know how this brew comes out, and if I’m feeling especially cocky and arrogant I’ll do a quasi-review of it.  Cheers and thanks for following me!

(Also a special thank you and shout out to the beautiful owner of this here blog: http://nothingsevergonnastandinmyway.tumblr.com/ and her awesome brother for helping me to brew this stuff!)


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