Lobster Lovers Beer (Rinkuškiai Alaus Darykloje)

Type:  Euro Strong Lager

9.5% ABV

Country: Lithuania


This bottle is interesting.  I like the company’s sigil/symbol is very medieval and awesome but the girl with a lobster on her back is very eastern European in painting and color scheme, and rather boring in its toned down color-scheme.  The font choice is also not working for me, though the text amount is perfect for the bottle.  Not worth a shelf space to me.


The beer pours like crisp apple juice or piss with a quick firecracker head that disappears as fast as it appears leaving nothing.  The beer smells very light with damp pils-like malts.  There is some slight fruity character in the smell as well but it is very faint.  The beer tastes very sweet with a candy-apple bite and a very light sweet finish.  There is also a very strong butter-flavor traveling throughout this beer which is probably why it is called “Lobster Lovers” and is strange and smooth upon the mouth.  The mouthfeel is super dry after it passes through the mouth but is very clean and slightly watery as it passes through with a light hint of sharp bubbles and a gelling feeling in the mouth.   This is my first strong lager and I am quite interested with it.  The heavier malt bill seems to give the lager a more ale-like than any lager I have consumed.  The mouthfeel is the major downside of this beer, leaving you thirstier than before the sip, but the taste is quite intriguing though a little too sweet for my palate.  This is an intriguing beer to say the least, but I’m not sure I’ll have it again.

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