Sofie (Goose Island Beer Company)

Style: Saison/ Farmhouse Ale

6.5% ABV

25 IBU’s


This bottle is much like the Matilda bottle, the only real difference being the name and the green coloring for the font which give the beer a more natural and spring-like feel.  It is great with the minimalism and looks very much like a pretentious wine bottle with its subtly.  It might look nice on a shelf on its own but I don’t think a collection of similarly styled bottles would work as they are too minimal and plain.  I actually think I like the green in this bottle more than I liked the Matilda’s darker coloring.  This bottle is probably not worth your shelf space.


The beer pours a slightly hazy straw/piss yellow with a fire storm of bubbles escaping from the bottom of the glass and reminding me of champagne.  The head lasts awhile at a finger width and is made of big and velvety bubbles that leave a lightly sticky and sliding lacing on the glass.  The beer smells damp and fruity with a nice spicy kick.  The wine barrels that the beer sat in also seem to be present as a ghost in the smell.  There is some great citrus orange in the smell and a nice slight farmhouse funk.  The beer tastes tart and fruity with an oh-so-slight biscuity malt background.  The spices are subtler in the taste, though the orange peel distinctly kicks through in the fruitiness of the beer.  A sweet, perhaps chardonnay flavor ghosts in the beer, and the farmhouse funk is present slightly as it plays with the biscuit malts, but the sweet orange citrus is the first big flavor in the beer.  On further sips I also started detect nice bananay yeast, reminiscent of Matilda, which is quite nice.  Aftertaste is slightly sweet and citrusy, but the sweet malt takes over more and leaves a nice glaze in the mouth.  Mouthfeel is a little sharp from the initial sip with carbonation, but not too much so.  The beer then mellows into a velvety clean caramel on the tongue and washes down nicely leaving slight saliva and the ghost of a tingle, and nothing else.  Overall, I think this is a solid citrus saison.  It reminds me of Le Merle from North Coast Brewing, only I like Sofie more in flavor and in the fact that the carbonation isn’t assaulting my tongue.  Good saison, though I tend to like the spice-sentric ones more than the citrus ones, this beer is worthy of a try, and another lovely Belgian Style Ale by Goose Island.


3.95/5 (I’m going to start adding my Beer Advocate Scoring of these, incase people need an arbitrary scale to judge them by…)


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