Hoped Blueberry Maple (Sap House Meadery)

Style: Hopped Mead

14.6 % ABV


What? A mead review? Yes, it’s time that mead had its day among the fermentable drinks, and I am giving it one.  This mead was brewed in Ossipee New Hampshire by the folks at Sap House Meadery, who have won quite a few awards for their mead and seem to have the art of mead making down.  This is only my second mead ever, so my review is more for beer fans who know beer than for mead fans, please keep that in mind.

I like this bottle, by the way.  The price was outrageous but the blue wax on the neck is very pleasing to the eye and the two tones of coal gray and yellow color scheme with the blue for the blueberries makes for a lovely visual effect of class alongside a more rustic feel.  The honey combs on the bottom of the label are also great.  I do wish the company name was a little larger on its scroll and popped out more, and the font for the mead type is rather boring and plain.  This bottle is worthy of a place on the mantle though.


The mead pours a candy-red like with hints of blueberry, almost like a red wine or a port wine.   It is darn near opaque yet very clear, and with a slight hint of maple syrup on its edges.  The mead smells like a port wine, very thick with honey that oozes on the nose.  There is a faint tingle of either blueberries or hops, though I can’t tell which.

This tastes very clean and sweet with honey, there is a slight aftertaste of maple syrup on the edges of the mouth, but overall this reminds me a lot of a port wine with a strong sweet honey and a nice strong boozy backing to the taste that also lingers in the mouth.  The more you drink of this mead the more the honey clings to the tongue and gives its lovely cloying flavor, which I do very much like.

The mouthfeel is great and oozingly syrupy like the honey within it.  There is a light tingle on the tip of the tongue which suggests the hops in this, and a faint yet heavier tingle which suggests the booze.

Overall I think this I would classify this as a dessert wine in both taste and mouthfeel, it sits very heavy in the stomach like a port wine, though not quite as heavy.  This is an interesting drink, though I think I will look for a lighter mead for I try one.

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