Matilda (Goose Island Brewing Company)

Style: Belgian Strong Pale Ale

7.0% ABV

Bottled on: 04/06/2012


This bottle is very minimal.  It reminds me of many wine bottles with their attempted minimalist pretention, though this beer has more reason to be pretensious…  I don’t absolutely hate it, and I think the font works very nicely with the manila-white background.  The brass coloring for the font is also nice and the slight Goose Island symbol is cool.  If you like the minimal then this bottle is for you, but I personally don’t see enough uniqueness to display it on a shelf, maybe in a wine rack, but not on a shelf.


The beer pours an orange yellow like dehydrated piss with an ever so slight touch of blood.  The head is big and soapy with a nice slightly-cream white head and nice sticky fat lacing on the sides creating cloud rings on the glass.  The beer is mildly hazy, but is still quite translucent and there are a lot of nice little bubbles dancing up to the top of the glass.  The beer smells thick with bananay yeast that makes me think of the jungle.  There are some nice slight spices on the sides of the smell, perhaps a hint of cloves and something even more zesty.  The malt is also not hiding in this smell, with a nice pale-sweet malt waftings.

The beer tastes very similarly to its smell, with a great forward banana-taste from the yeast with slight clove and zest on the sides of and a solid sweet pale malt backing to the beer.  There is almost a hot spice tingle on the tongue’s tip to start off this beer which is very intriguing.  The mouth feel is smooth and lightly marbled.  A perfect consistency for a pale ale.  There is some weirdly harsh carbonation right at the front of the sip, but this dies away almost immediately and just leaves a slightly burnt feel on the tongue.  After taste is very subtle and fresh with a faint weird medicinal funk, though this does not standout strongly.  The mouth is left very clean after the sip with minimal saliva or dryness outside of the affects of the carbonation.  There is very little sign of hops in this beer, which is fine in a Belgian Pale Ale, and this beer definitely delivers for its style.  It is deliciously banana-like and its lacing is fantastically thick.  Worth a drink for the Belgian lovers and the beer lovers alike, and definitely an upper level example of the style.

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