Kelpie Seaweed Ale (Williams Brothers Brewing Company)

Style: Scottish Gruit/ Ancient Herbed Ale

4.4% ABV

Country: Scotland

I like this bottle.  It’s got a really cool duck/tribal totem figure in the background of the beer and the brewery’s symbol looks like a leaf and something else, and is awesomely minimalistic and modern while the bottle’s background is weird and mystically old.  The neck design that says it is from Scotland looks like a bit of heraldry with the flag and flames-and-what-not and is awesome.  I love the turquoise, silver, and white color scheme as well.  The only complaint I have with this bottle is that the bottom half is very cluttered with boring text that really is not needed and takes away from the awesome design.  This bottle is worthy of a shelf space though.

            The beer pours a dark, dark brown that is pretty much black chocolate.  There is a nice but uneven finger width head the color of cream with a hint of coffee.  The head dwindles down to a slight half-finger width and slowly dissipates leaving a thin outlining of lacing.  There does seem to be some good carbonation hiding in the blackness of this beer.  The beer smells rich with chocolate malts and salt with an oh-so-slight brine tingle.  The beer tastes slightly smoky with peat malts and chocolate.  There is also a definite oceanic tint to this beers flavor with slight hints of salt and I assume the seaweed.  It is a very interesting taste and actually quite pleasant, like a sea salt chocolate beer.  The mouthfeel is very thin and watery, mildly reminiscent of the ocean, though that may be because I am thinking seaweed… While its thinness is a little disappointing, it makes the drink quite drinkable.  The after taste leaves a weird lightly brine-like taste while leaving the mouth clean yet slimy, if that makes any sense.  Overall this is not a terrible beer.  The mouthfeel is definitely off but the taste is unique and refreshing which definitely makes up for it.  It is more of a sipper than other beers though, despite its weak mouthfeel.  This beer is worth a try if for nothing else than the fact that it has seaweed in it which is weird and different.

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