A Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ Ale (Lagunitas Brewing Company)

Style: American Pale Wheat Ale

7.5% ABV

64.20 IBU


The bottle is a classic Lagunitas bottle with the red lettering, the green company name and the dog hiding at the bottom.  The “summer girl” lounging on the letters is a nice touch, and the red “Un” added to the “Limited Release” on the side of the label is quirky and cool.  The label seems a little crowded though, with far too much text and too many different fonts and colors that just confuse the eye and take away from the bottle.  I like the label paper, it is nice and thick and nicely textured, but overall this is not a keeper.


The beer pours a clean golden color like very light yellow piss, though there is a little of the wheat haze towards the middle and lots of bubbles tumbling up from the bottom.  The head is finger thin with big white bubbles and a nice easy retention at a half a finger that leaves sticky thin clouds of lacing on the side of the glass.  The beers smells surprisingly nice and wet with pine hops and some nice citrusy tingles, but I don’t notice any of the wheat in the smell and the malt and yeast seem to be light in the smell.  The beer tastes much like it smells, thick with resin-like pine hops.  The malts are faint in the initial sip as the hops take the full “blam” but the after taste is a lovely light sweet wheat malt with side tingling from the hops.  There are also some nice light citrus tangs in this beer reminiscent of oranges and mango.  The mouthfeel is initially really rough with carbonation and the hops bitter bite, leaving the tongue feeling assaulted.  The beer is really clean and refreshing on the tongue, but the after feel is only lightly tingly with hop and a slight bitter-burn on the tongue, while the rest of the mouth has a thin sheen of saliva.  That initial mouthfeel is too rough for my taste, but mellows out to a more manageable state.  Overall the beer a nice hopbomb of a pale wheat ale, reminiscent more of Sierra Nevada’s Pale ale or an IPA than of anything thing else I have tried.  This is admittedly my first heavily hopped wheat ale, and I love the hops in it, and the aftertaste of wheat malt is very intriguing, but the rest of it isn’t very different from other ales.

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