G’Knight (Oskar Blues Brewery)

Style: Imperial Amber/ Double India Pale Ale

8.7% ABV

60 IBU

Notes:  This beer is brewed as a tribute to Gordon Knight, a titan in the Colorado craft brewing industry.

Read more about the beer and the man here: http://www.n3978y.com/


Canned on 02/28/12

As always with Oscar Blues I love the can.  They still have the same basic mountainscape design, and I still love all of their font choices, as well as their individualized messages on the bottom of the cans.  The green and silver are a nice choice for an imperial red, and with the beer beside it the can tends to remind me of Christmas.  With a Dale’s Pale Ale can and a Gubbner Can beside of it, this can would look lovely on a mantle.


The beer pours a hazy straw orangey yellow with some nice hints of pink and amber.  There is a nice finger width head of off-white cream that dissipates rather quickly and leaves a thin ring of lacing to drizzle down the glass.  This beer smells big with a resin-pine kick and some nice slight caramel malt backing when poured out of the can.  In the can the thing smells like an oozing pinecone, which is awesome!  Though the malt subtly is lost with such an overpowering smell, I am really not complaining. The can makes it smell great.

The can also makes it taste tart and piney with some medicinal bitters wavering in the back of the mouth that really turn down the flavor for me.  The caramel malts are also quite present, giving the pine flavoring a sweet tang with an oh-so-slight touch of bread beneath the weird hops.  Taste is pretty much the same in the glass, just with a subdued pine flavoring, much like the smell.  I’m not as wild about the taste as I was about the smell.  The beer is very smooth and clear as it strikes the tongue, and the smoothness completely kicks the traditional red bite out of the mouth, though a ghost of it remains.  The tongue is left tingling and dry with a resinous ichor of saliva coating the tongue.  Overall this is an excellent smelling beer that just doesn’t deliver with the taste.  Perhaps its five month age gave it the weird medicinal flavor, or maybe it is just too piney but something is not working in the taste.  The malt and hop balance reminds me of the Deviant Dale’s India Pale Ale, which is a superb IPA, but this beer just doesn’t stand up to it.

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