Clementine (Clown Shoes Beer)

Style: White Ale

6%  ABV

The bottle’s blue and orange color scheme with the slight white-accents works nicely, and the tree is a cool illustration, though the clown shoes are a little creepy on its trunk.  I love the scroll around the tree and the orange peels that underline the company name as well as the slight swirls of thin orange peel found around the main graphic.  I love the font choices and the simplicity of the text on the front of the bottle.  This bottle is worthy of a place on my mantle.


This beer pours a really hazy clouded blur with a raging carbonated fizzle that hisses at you as you pour.  The color reminds me of a white grapefruit juice with the pulp still in, but the head dissipates almost instantly while the carbonation continues to pock-mark the surface with a torrent of bubbles.  The smell is thick with that Clementine and orange-like smell alongside the proper wheat-funk and a slight banana-like smell seems to be there as well alongside some faint spices.  The beer tastes banana-like with nice undertones of citrus Clementine and orange, kind of like a banana-citrus smoothie with some wheat cloying and cream at the back of the tongue.  The after taste is light with citrus while the mouthfeel is really rough with carbonation and fiercely dry on the top of the tongue with faint bubbling still tingling the tops of the mouth.  I was hoping for a little more of a citrus burst from this beer, but overall it just seems like a strong citrus backbone on a white Belgian ale.  Overall it’s not a terrible beer, just not quite what I was hoping for, and not wholly memorable.


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