Porter Square Porter (Slumbrew)

This is a nice big bomber bottle with an industrial-weird feeling to its design. The things on the front look like red tinted satellites or kites or something, but I really can’t quite tell what they are, and the title-heading color choice of industrial gross green is a little slimy for my taste.  I do like the fonts used though, both for the brewery name and the beer’s name, and the industrial style does go nice with the companies name (Slumbrew…) which makes for nice company theme with the bottle.  Really though, what I want from this bottle is to understand what the things on the front are, but they just don’t deliver.  The facebook advertising on the label, while young and hip, also kind of takes away from the bottle’s feel, though the light-window castle adds a nice feel.  I suppose I might keep this bottle, but only as a bizarre oddity for the shelves.

The beer pours a midnight chocolate black with a big suntanned and frothy head that hangs onto the glass with big old bubbles and long winding trees of lacing that stretch out in bizarre geometric designs.  The beer smells like malty cocoa nibs with almost stale chocolate touch in the main wafting, like semi-sweet baking chocolate.  It’s hard to pick anything else up but the chocolate in this smell though.  Faint roasted malts perhaps, but the nose of this beer is chocolate through and through.  The beer tastes big and chocolaty, with those cacao nibs and cocoa powder being very strong and dominant in the beer.  This beer is creamy and smooth on the tongue, with a slightly thick, drinking chocolate texture to it, but the taste is just all chocolate.  It almost reminds me of the chocolaty feel you get from a Swiss Miss packet of hot cocoa, just slightly chocolatier.  The beer leaves a very clean feeling in the mouth with slim trails of saliva, and a slight tingle from its hidden IBUs.  The chocolate, however, over powers everything else, you do get slight ghosts and tingles at the beginning of the sip which suggests the malty beer underneath, but then the chocolate comes freight-training in and you taste no more of that.  Overall this is a nice chocolaty porter, but it really isn’t much else.  If you are looking for a chocolate tasting beer, this seems like a good place to go, as long as you are not look for too much of a beer flavor to go alongside it.  The chocolate is overpowering and very much there, but it kills out some of the cool subtleties that might have been in this beer.  It’s a great sipper with some interesting notes in it if you can dig them out, but I really am not seeing much of the heavy flavors that other reviewers are discussing, which I find odd… Perhaps my tastebuds are dumb, or perhaps people are making up flavors again.  To the common mouth, this tastes like a bitter, semi-sweet chocolate beer.

(I would like to apologize for the shitty pictures again. I did my best, but my camera was out of commission this weekend, so my phone had to carry the day… And my phone just does not have a nice camera… All apologies, and truthfully, these pics don’t do justice to the cool industrial-weird feel of the bottle. Y’all should google it too)

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