Dale’s Pale Ale (Oskar Blues Brewery)

The can is a patriotic blue red and silver with the nice Rocky Mountain layout in the middle.  This is a similar design to the Deviant Dale’s India Pale Ale, just without the devilishness.  It’s a cool old school, simplistic design, and I am still very much a fan of both fonts, though I feel like white doesn’t work as well as the main color for the beer’s name.  It’s a cool can design with nice simplicity, but I would only display it if I had others of its ilk to display with it.

This beer pours piss brown and yellow with some slight oranging and a big thick creamy head that leaves good rings of lacing swirling in the glass, and has a mellow retention.  Smell is an excellent mix of spicy piney hops and sweeter caramel malts.  There is a surprisingly great spiciness to this smell which I am finding thoroughly intriguing.  Its taste is light an almost caramelly, but with some nice spice hints and good hops-bite.  There is a slight soapiness present from the hops taste, but it is not too bad here.  I really was hoping for more of the spices found in the smell, but it kind of disappointed in that aspect.  It’s cool and refreshing, just not as spicy and complex as the smell had me thinking. The mouthfeel is cool and crisp with a good carbonated tingle on the tongue that slides away quickly leaving a dryly wet hop feeling, if that makes sense… There are good amounts of saliva on the tongue, but  it just feels slightly burnt and dry from the hops.  It’s a feel I have come to expect in more hoppy beers I just have been unable to explain it so far.  Overall, this is decent beer, but I’m a little disappointed after the amazing taste of Deviant Dale’s India Pale Ale.  Dale’s normal pale ale is good it’s just nowhere near as good as the Deviant Dale.

(I apologize for the shitty picture and the plastic glass. I was chillen’ and drinkin’ a brew and had to review it quick without proper supplies. Beer gods, please forgive me…  On a side note, check out my friends awesome styler…)


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