Chimay Red Première (Bières de Chimay S.A.)

My feelings for this bottle’s design stand right in line with the other two Chimay bottles.  They are lovely as a collection of three, I like the simplistic heraldry of them, and the coloring as three distinct colors (for this bottle they are: Red, Gold, White) is great.  A solid bottle that I would consider displaying on a shelf, but only if its two brothers are beside it.

The beer pours a yellowed brown like properly aged hay, and sits a nice deep amber brown, with a deeper milk chocolate brown at its center.  The beer pours with a great brown sugar-white head that’s bouncing with bubbles and dissipates swiftly, leaving a little thin lacing that runs down the sides of the glass.   It smells like day old cooked bread, not especially pungent, but not a terrible smell, rich in biscuitiness and yeasty character.  There is even a suggestion of subtle spices in the corners of the smell, along with a slight sweet kick that suggests the candy sugars in the beer.  It tastes like a loaf of liquefied brown bread, and soft with candy sugars.  There is also a slight hint of brown sugar and an after linger that reminds me of stale honeydew melons.  Mouthfeel is very thick and smooth, with an odd harshness on the top of the tongue which sits oddly with the rest of the beers smoothness.  The carbonation bubbles fiercely in the initial rush, but quickly peters out on the tongue, providing most but not all of that initial roughness.  Overall this a nice sugary bread beer, easily palatable with a little too fierce of a carbonation but some nice after flavors in the mouth.

Belgian Dubbel Ale

7% ABV

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