King Goblin (Wychwood Brewery)

As I said about the HobGoblin bottle (Also from Wychwood Brewery) I love their bottle designs.  The whole Brothers Grimm-esque thing really works and makes an exciting bottle.  The Goblin in his little Legend of Zelda hat looks similar to the awesome goblin on the label of Hob Gobiln, and the great scrolls that show the beers title and explanation are cool and dark purple.  The white purple and light blue/gray color scheme work well with the bottle, and I love the anecdote about only brewing on a full moon, which is found on the sides of the label.  Overall the bottles unique shape and bulging are cool and the label is kickass. A nice bottle that I would keep on my shelf.

The beer pours an amber red with nice amounts of carameling and some yellow along the edges.  It also pours with a nice white head and good thick lacing that dissipates at a medium pace.  Smells of sweet malts, almost an apple juice-like smell with a faint hint of biscuit in the back.  Tastes again of sweet malts with a nice caramel backbone and an ever so slight tingle of hops on the tongue.  There is a flavor in the initial swig that reminds me of sweet vegetables… Unfortunately that is the most specific I can be on the taste… Its swigs nicely on the tongue, a bit watery, but with just enough oomf to suggest its caramel flavor.  Overall this is decent beer, I’m not as taken with it as I was with the HobGoblin, the wateriness of the beer is a little disappointing, though I’m sure it holds out well as an almost session-able ale.

English Strong Ale

6.6% ABV

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