Framboise Lambic (Brouwerij Lindemans)

         The bottle is large and wine-like, but its green coloring and the cool company logo on the neck give it a nice classic feel.  The label seems like it is trying to be an old-timey logo from the late 19th century, except something feels off about it.  Overall I feel the bottle is mediocre at best.  Yes it looks sort of old-timey, but the over abundance of text makes the whole thing confusing and not that easy on the eyes.

The beer pours a deep dark ruby pink with a thick pink head that lasts awhile.  Carbonation seems nice, and lacing is thin and frothy with a quick slide down the glass.  It smells almost like fruit punch, with nice sour raspberry waftings.  It tastes almost like a raspberry soda, very sour and tart, with the crisp bite that you get from eating a raspberry.  The “framboise” is ever present in this beer. I taste no hops, and few malts.  This is mostly just raspberry.  Its mouthfeel is harsh and tart, giving the mouth a cringing feeling and leaving a very sweetly tart after taste, almost as if I had eaten a Sweettart… Overall this is basically not a beer.  It is sweet and fruity and sour, and actually easily drinkable, but I find no hops, no malt, no yeast in the flavor.  It’s a tasty drink in light amounts, and will obviously not get you wasted due to its low alcohol content.

Lambic Raspberry Ale

2.5% ABV


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