The Audacity of Hops (Cambridge Brewing Company)

Bottle:  I like the illustration on the front.  While the depiction of a hop is not original, the style in which it is drawn and the Atlas-like figure holding it up give the bottle a nice feel.  The color scheme of Purple stripes and the green hop also go together nicely.  I especially enjoy the font type on this beer.  It has a nice hand-drawn appearance, which gives it a great vintage-esque feel.  The batch number on the side is also awesome for collectablity’s sake.  A nice design for the bottle overall.

Appearance:  Pours a straw piss golden yellow with a thick haze and a darkening towards the top of the beer making it a golden brown.  This is another dehydrated piss-looking beer.  The whole thing is slightly reminiscent of apple juice, honestly.  The head is small but fluffy with a nice white coloring, and there is a good amount of bubbling which suggests some nice carbonation.  There is a very light lacing that slides down the glass swiftly, leaving shaved air-pockets and pinnacles of lacing behind.

Smell:  Surprisingly light smelling for something that is named “The Audacity of Hops.”  The beer has a nice light tingle of fruity and citrusy hops with the citrus definitely on the back and edges of the smell. There is also a nice spiciness to the smell, and a slight, almost cheesy-bread linger in the back.

Taste:  Taste is as light and clean as the smell.  A nice hoppy bite with lingering spices and a slight breadiness.  There is also a tingle in the taste reminiscent of almost-wheaty pine.  I would go as far as to say that the beer initially suggests a stalish taste.  Also, in a way the carbonation seems to push away any other tastes that the beer might have.  Once the carbonation settles it does seem to give off a slight odd fruity flavor, though, which is reminiscent of nectarines.

Mouthfeel:  The beer feels smooth and crisp on the tongue with a very slight bite from the hops as it goes down, with a light frothy bubbling.  It leaves the tongue with a slight cloying feel, which is almost sticky.

Overall:  I am little disappointed with this beer, it lauded itself as having a big Double IPA hop flavor with a Belgian flair, but it seems to be quite lacking in the hoppy smell and over powering bite that I expected in a Double IPA.  The beer is hoppy, just not as much as I expected.  It’s not a terrible beer, but it is nothing special in my book, with an overall feel of underwhelming.

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