HobGoblin (Wychwood Brewery)

Bottle:  This bottle is excellent. A slightly unique shape with elegent curves and a fattened head at the end of the neck.  The witches on the bottle add a nice touch.  And the name of the beer along with its fairytale-like art and design are  and the slightly old-timey/Brothers Grimm color choices are awesome.  I’m a sucker for a good storytelling design, and this bottle definitely delivers. Cool personalized cap to the beer.  My only complaint is that the back warnings-and-such are too plain and take away from the magic of the bottle, but such a complaint is probably a bit picky.


Pours a dark near black carmel with an ever so slight reddish tinge.  The head is fat and frothy with a light maple syrup/whipped-cream coloring and nice droopy white lacing that dissipates quickly.  Carbonation seems fairly light.


This is a very bready beer, with nice malty sweetness alongside a fruit bread wafting.  Hops are nearly negligible in the smell, with the malt, and especially the yeast powering strongly through.  This beer is definitely a trickster though, as its name might suggest, with some nice subtleties hidden in the smell.


First impression is of bread with a fine malty backbone, quite similar to the smell.  There’s a nice side taste of tingly rich fruits.  The after taste is slightly bitter, with a sweet caramely/bready linger.  As you drink down further a slightly watery taste seems to touch the beer.


The initial sip is rich with thick bready beer, but it sweeps away to leave a dry resonation upon the upper tongue while the sides whet themselves for more.  The beer is cool and drizzly on the tongue.  Overall, after the initial splash on the tongue, the beer feels thinner and light on the tongue.


Not a bad beer.  Though it is my first dark English beer,  I find it fairly reminiscent of dark Belgians that I have had.  Nice beer.  Good work England.

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