A Visit to the Portsmouth Brewery

So I visited the Portsmouth Brewery (New Hampshire) for Craft Beer Week, but was unable to do any reviews because I was enjoying the brewery a bit too much…  What I can tell you is you should go check out the place.  Portsmouth is a great town, and the Brewery is simply amazing.  I went there for a cheese and beer tasting which went splendidly with lots of awesome free beer and cheese.  My favorite cheese was called “The Fuzzy Cat” or something, but my favorite drink was by far the Black IPA, with some excellent bitterness alongside the slightly smokey malts.

After the tasting I indulged in dinner at the Brewery (worth trying) and I and my girlfriend split the Old Brown Dog Hanger Steak, which was a brilliant choice, as a half of steak was plenty for both of us.  The steak was marinated in Smutty Nose Brewery’s Old Brown Dog ale, and it tasted fantastic.  Before dinner we also ordered mussels, which turned out to be the fattest muscles I have ever seen, and they were soaked in a beer sauce that made them taste amazing.  With dinner, I of course had to get some beer, so my girlfriend ordered the BBC Imperial Stout while I ordered the 2009 Wheat Wine and my brother ordered the Gose.  All of these were phenomenal, though the wheat wine was a little sweet for me with a heavy taste and feel of honey.  The imperial stout was thick dark and malty and went down wonderfully, and the gose was deliciously refreshing and fruity.  I would advise all of them.  I also finished off the night with the California Common, which was also a fantastic crisp ale with a great bitter back bite, though my memory of it is a little hazy to be honest.  Overall, it was an experience I hope to replicate again and again this summer.  If you have not already, treat yourself and go to the Portsmouth Brewery.

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